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An Idaho friend had this to say about the subject.
"I learned about welts and welting when I was a young smart ass. I would pop off at the mouth and my dad would give me a lesson in weltology."
Webster says, NOUN: A strip of leather or other material, stitched into a shoe between the sole and the upper.
A welt may also be stitched between the front and back pieces of a knife sheath to keep the blade from cutting the stitching, and a welt may be used when making holsters. It is usually a partial welt at the trigger guard, but I also make a synthetic welt that's used as a sight rail/guard on selective holsters.
The welt I most often use is a partial welt at the trigger guard. Made up of multiple layers of leather, and shaped to carry the gun in the holster. The welt will help keep the mouth of the holster open, keep the pistol from being shoved too far into the holster pouch, assures a snug fit, and it makes a very nice looking holster. The Monterey style is shown below.
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