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Information about any product is only an e-mail away. E-mail is my easiest
method of communicating, but I'm usually not too far from the telephone.
100% satisfaction. Check out your product for a couple of days and return it
if you aren't happy with it. Your money will be refunded except for shipping.

'Custom' holsters or 'alterations made by you' are excluded.

Holsters Tabs that are adjusted without loosening the screws are subject to
a $15.00 deduction. email a picture of the tab before returning holster.

The U. S. Postal Service may take three to four days to deliver.
Postal rates are for Alaska and the states that touch each other.
Ordering & Shipping
I don't take plastic. A check or money order is fine.
Please make payable to:
Leather and Stuff
5348 C R 154
Alvin, Texas 77511
Construction starts when the Order Form and Payment
are received in the shop. I don't start without it.
Contact Me
Where is my Order Form?
It's in this exact spot on the page
that has the holster you like.

Order Forms are unique to the
holster style. Use the wrong form and
you might not get what you wanted.
The order form tells me what you are "ordering",
but it is also my "build to" instructions, and my "paper trail".
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