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White stuff on your holster....that's  w h i t e  not write
Quite often the Kiwi natural wax I use will migrate out of the leather, especially where the
leather will flex. Warm it with a hair dryer and buff it off.
Pistol Fit
It's not unusual for the pistol to be tight in the holster when you first get it.
To get a good fit place the UNLOADED pistol into one or two of the plastic shopping bags
like the ones you get from the store and insert fully into the holster. Snap the retention strap
and let it sit overnight.  
The slot is cut at an angle to keep your finger away from the trigger. When the pistol is pulled up by the grip it will want to rotate, because you're not able to pull on the center of the pistol. The brown loop thingy called a 'stabilizer' by the engineering dept. stops this from happening. Let me know if you want to use a laser. I can hold the stabilizer  back a very small amount and it will slide right in.
IPS Holsters for the Sig Sauer
That means pulling the pistol from the holster, I read that somewhere!
Place index or middle finger under the grip and the thumb on the
hammer spur and pull straight up. I like the idea of using the middle finger.
That way you're already "indexing" when you present the pistol.
Because of problems construction with the straw stitching has been discontinued.
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