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Screw size: 8-32
Tools: 11/32 wrench  for nuts.
Size 3/32 hex / allen or size 10 or 20 Torx for screws.

It is not necessary to remove the screws completely, you can just loosen them. Trust me on this one!   The nuts are nylon insert lock nuts designed to resist coming loose. I would still check them periodicaly for tightness. There should be about two threads or so, showing beyond the nut and If you can see that much of the screw you're in good shape.

Replacement tab: $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping
Replacement screws: Hardware item. Free set with purchase of tab.
Torx or Phillips...your choice.

Adjustment angle is zero degrees (vertical) to about 15 degrees.
Angle of holster is approximately 15 degrees.
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About the Tab
If you would like for the holster to ride lower in the waistband, let me know and I will make the tab longer. This will bring the tab and clip higher into the grip area but will allow the holster to ride lower.  No other features will change. No extra charge if requested when the holster order is placed, it will replace the standard tab.
Tell me how much longer you want it when you order.      The extended tab is only $15.00 when ordered with the holster and the regular tab and it will ship free.
Longer Tab
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